December 16, 2001

Post #1406 – 20011216

Mr. Pinkwater

I enjoy your radio shows. I enjoy them so much that I wake at 6:00 am on Sundays to listen to them. That is when they are broadcasted on WHRV Norfolk, VA. I am a 30ish male who is also studying pre-med at that time most mornings. It is a wonderful break to hear about Werewolfs and Meatball Aliens while trying to figure out synaptic vesicles at axonal terminals at the neuromuscular junction. (You can only imagine the associations I get during finals.)

Your Friend


P.S. I also enjoy the fine relaxing habit of sneaking a pipe smoke (when the wife is not around) as in your photo section.

Daniel replies:

Maybe you will someday contribute to finding a cure for lycanthropy. I no longer smoke pipes. I got argued out of it by a clever physician--but I enjoy 4 or 5 fine cigars per year, when given them for free.