John Kaputa

November 19, 2001

Post #1393 – 20011119

Oh Great One,

Today I was listening to The Beat over KUOW my local NPR station, and heard the following: (Which I then went to their website and lifted.)

“…The Hoboken Chicken Emergency, a musical comedy written by Chad Henry, adapted from a book by NPR commentator Daniel Pinkwater, and directed and produced by Seattle Children’s Theater Artistic Director Linda Hartzell. Hoboken Chicken Emergency was first presented by SCT more than a decade ago, but Hartzell has recast the play for this holiday season, featuring at least one of the original actors.”

My question to you is did you get anything out of the original staging and will you be getting anything out of this one, other than bad publicity from adult critics if the adapter blows it. Of course, as it is for children, most of them will know the book by heart, and will probably hoot up a storm if or when the play varies from your book, so that should be a plus.

I won’t wish you a belated happy birthday, other than to congratulation you for having made it past another one. In a year-and-a-half, you will have caught up to me, except I plan on maintaining my lead, the Good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise.

An ardent fan wishing you well,

John Andrew Kaputa

Bremerton WA

Daniel replies:

It's more or less as you suspect. When they staged it the first time I was refused a video or audio recording, nor would they show me a script. I was disinclined to allow them to do it again, but the agent who, until recently, represented me made a special effort on their behalf. I understand it's a good show.