Tammy Mannarino

September 7, 2001

Post #1361 – 20010907

Mr. Pinkwater,

My family loves your books. It all started when we first checked out The Wuggie Norple Story from our local library. Alas, it has disappeared from the shelves–it was kind of beat up, now that I think about it. If I’d known they were going to get rid of it, I would have stolen it and nursed it back to health. I know you wouldn’t condone stealing from libraries. Isn’t there some way we can get some of your books out of the “out of print” category?

Do you ever visit Elementary Schools to read your work? We just can’t get enough Daniel Pinkwater!

— Tammy M

Daniel replies:

I visit schools disguised as another author. (See the out-of-print Author's Day, Macmillan). My books are around, but don't expect to find them staring you in the eye from shelves in the big bookstore at the mall. You have to hunt around, and check the internet. If you want it easy, amazon will charge you a hundred bucks or more. If you're clever and purposeful, you can find dealers who charge much much less. Have fun!