Jamie Stack

September 1, 2001

Post #1360 – 20010901

I think that ‘The last Guru’ is the first work of fiction that my mother ever read. She reads mostly techical things, you know, stuff that talks about the cerebellum and the left frontal lobe-just try and guess what a Psychologist reads. Besides, there was supposed to be a message. She wasn’t supposed to LIKE the book.

Anyways, if you don’t want people to like your books, why do you keep writing them? Tell me what YOUR idea of a good book is, and I’ll try to find it and read it, but I think I’ll still continue to read ‘Alan Mendelsohn, the boy from mars’ again and again.

Thank you for the…uh…reply.

Jamie Stack

p.s. is ‘Young adult novel’ the only Dada Duck book? If not, where can I find the other/s?

Daniel replies:

Where is the question. I can only tell you what. ""Young Adults,"" which has within it, Young Adult Novel, Dead-End Dada, and The Dada Boys in Collitch, (and sometimes some cartoons and an afterward by Ken Kelman depending on which edition you fine, trade paperback, or mass market paperback), is the book you want. Where to find it? Beats me.

I keep writing because I have everything all set up--the computer, the desk chair, reams of paper, no job.