Adriana Johnson

July 7, 2001

Post #1348 – 20010707

Dear Daniel,

I am an eleven-year-old girl who lives in Brookline (a dull town next to the city of Boston) and adores your books ever since I was introduced to them at around age 4. My other strange and freaky friends kind of have a hotline so that when a new book of yours comes out everyone can know about it and read it so we can refer to it at least 13 times a day and everyone will get what we mean by it (except the “popular” people who look at us strangely). Anyway, we were wondering if you come to schools and/or bookstores to give talks about books. It would be really prodigious if you could come to Massachusetts some time and visit the Children’s Bookstore or Lincoln school or The Brookline Booksmith sometime. All of us would really enjoy that and it would be something new here. Thanks for reading this and please reply.

Daniel replies:

Adriana, I hardly go anyplace lately. Maybe we could work out some kind of online Q&A, or a cassette Q&A. Contact Ed the webmaster for help and advice. By ""popular"" people, do you mean the backup extreme emergency food supply?