Meredith and Kyla Guthrie

July 6, 2001

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Dear Mr. Pinkwater –

i have written you before, but i decided that perhaps i would try out this lovely forum, as i AM a forum junkie. growing up on your books has made my sister and i longtime fans of yours. mostly we used to sit around and eat nachos and use pinkwater references that no one but ourselves and our beloved father would recognize. due to our devotion, we have decided to start a punk-folk-geek-hipster-creepy-oi oi rock band called Pinkwater. some (but not all) of our songs have themes from your books, such as, why new jersey is like a map of time and avocados.

we are currently infiltrating the city of pittsburgh with fliers about the band but not giving any venue for a show. our companion band that we’re trying to find members for is called The Snarkout Boys. we also have homemade pinkwater t-shirts. one that is pale pink and says “pinkwater” on the front and has a johnathon quicksilver poem on the back. we’d also like to call our first EP “No thanks, i just had an eggplant.”

what we’d really like to know is if you mind at all.

sincerely yours

Meredith and Kyla Guthrie Hilton

Daniel replies:

Why should I mind? There have been dozens, if not hundreds, of cats named Pinkwater, and at least one other band, and a sandwich, and any number of other things. Good luck!