Daniel Feldman

May 23, 2001

Post #1335 – 20010523

Hi Mr. P!

I used to write to you all the time as a young lad. I took to snarking out with my friends even. Anyway I just wanted to say hi again (its been about 15 years since I wrote), and that I still enjoy reading and listening to you blubber on like a fool. I enjoyed Fish Whistle and was surprised to see you were an artist and sculptor as a young, but hefty man. I, too wander this path. Anyway… in the interest of asking a question, have any of your books been turned into movies, or cartoons? If not, would you be interested in this venture? You look svelt nowadays by the way. Take it supersized my inspirational friend.

Daniel replies:

Less and less am I interested in filmic things. It's the class of people you meet swarming around Hollywood.