Jake Maloney

May 22, 2001

Post #1334 – 20010522

Dear Daniel,

Recently came across Uncle Boris in the Funny Times. I keep crossing your path! For the last couple years I’ve spent some of my commuting time listening to your fine public radio program. I’ve never been happier sitting in traffic on Eastern Parkway. Since Charity’s departure, I find myself changing the station as soon as that other guy opens his mouth. I hope you can send a search party to look around the drop-zone she was last reported in.


Jake Maloney


Daniel replies:

Grumble, grumble, grumble. I bet you wrote angry letters to the newspaper when they dropped ""Rivets."" Look, Charity Nebbe had another job she wanted to do. I didn't fire her. And nobody can prove it ever crossed my mind. Scott is a good guy. Give him a chance. Also, we have Sarah Beyer Kelly. Hubba hubba---get the picture? I bet you drive ten blocks in the wrong direction on Eastern Parkway to holler at the girl in McDonald's when they forget to give you the little coffee swizzler. Please cooperate and behave like a fan--it's hard doing a radio program.