Ron McCoy

May 11, 2001

Post #1328 – 20010511

I happened to latch onto this website, and was reminded of the many times I’d meant to write Daniel Pinkwater and thank him for a “Smithsonian” essay he did sometime back in which he featured his memories of my father, the Western film actor Tim McCoy. On this website he noted that he’d gotten my father’s autobiography through interlibrary loan. I’d certainly be happy to provide him with a copy of his own—my dad would’ve loved reading Mr. Pinkwater’s essay—he was keenly aware of the impact idols/images had on kids.

Daniel replies:

By amazing coincidence I was enjoying your father's stylish screen work only today. There's a sort of Grade C satellite network that comes in fuzzy with lo-fi sound on a local channel--and they show old cowboy movies! I'd be honored to have a copy of Tim McCoy Remembers the West--I'll send you a mailing address! Thanks for logging in.