Ann and Ellen Coughlin

May 3, 2001

Post #1327 – 20010503

We are so sad that our local NPR station has cancelled the airing of Chinwag Theatre on Sunday evenings.

Wah, wah.

We have expressed our disappoinment to the station. They said that you were undergoing some “changes”.

We tried to open up the Chinwag Theatre website to no avail. Wah, again.

Hope to Hear you soon.

Ann and Ellen Coughlin

Oregon Public Broadcasting junkies, age 9.

Daniel replies:

The only ""changes"" are that the program now originates from WBUR in Boston, instead of Michigan Radio in Ann Arbor, there is a new producer, and Scott Simon is my co-host. I will forward this to someone who can call it to the attention of the person at WBUR who contacts stations and begs them to keep carrying us.

Folks, if you can't catch Chinwag Theater on a station near you, there are several stations that are streaming the show online. We're working on a new ""unofficial"" Chinwag page, which will be helpful in that regard. --Ed.