Jay Ferrari

May 3, 2001

Post #1326 – 20010503

I am trying to find a copy or two of The Three Big Hogs . . . it was a family favorite. My father loved the message, and read it frequently to my younger brother and me. Our original was lost long ago, and my dad still remembers it as being the book he most enjoyed reading to us. (Rising to the challenge, etc.) Giving him a copy to read to his grandchildren would delight both him, and those forthcoming grandkids. Any chance?


j ferrari (a tough, hairy, toothy forest hog at heart)

Daniel replies:

Have you tried Cattermole 20th Century children's books? I think they're on the web (They are, at cattermole.com--Ed.), and won't nick you for 100 bucks or more like certain on-line booksellers.