John Kaputa

March 16, 2001

Post #1295 – 20010316

This sixty-one year youngster recently purchased “Lizard Music” and your two multi-fingered volumes (one hand/five fingers and four hands/ten fingers). I have finished reading the first two tomes and wanted to thank you for all the belly laughs. As I finish reading your books, I intend to pass them along to my eight year old grandson, whom I hope will also find delight in reading them.

On one of those rare occasions when I was thinking–which I try to keep separated from my daily life–I thunk (as opposed to thought), ‘”Alan Mendelssohn, the Boy from Mars” is my most favorite Pinkwater book, with “The Snarkout Boys and the Avocado of Death” a close second.’ This of course, will probably change as I get into the next set of your books. Other than these, and “Norb”, my experience with your writing has been limited to reading the “The Hoboken Chicken Emergency” with my son, twenty-some.years ago. Now I am hooked and have a lot of catching up to do.

I love the way you and Scott interact with the books on Saturday mornings, and also your occasional visits to harass the Tappet Brothers. Great fun.


John Andrew Kaputa

Daniel replies:

""Great fun,"" about sums it up for me. And think...I've been doing this since you were around 30!