Andrew Peberdy

March 8, 2001

Post #1292 – 20010308

Dear Daniel Pinkwater,

About a month ago, I had this really weird dream, and you were in it! No joke! I only just remembered what the dream was about today! (Funny things, dreams.) In the dream I was exploring an african jungle, when I, and my fellow explorers, came across a small Italian restaurant. (We didn’t seem to think this was too odd at the time.) I ventured inside, and I discovered You were the head waiter!( Apparently business wasn’t good, because in the dream you were passing the time away by chatting with someone.) Pleased, I asked if you were really Daniel Pinkwater, ( Pinkwater I presume?) Upon learning your true identity, I asked if you wanted to go cycling in an abandoned quarry with us. You seemed rather annoyed, and asked if we wanted something Italian to eat. We said no, and rather disappointed, left on our bike trip alone. Then the dream somehow mutated into a nightmare. (I was being chased down a waterfall…) The weirdest thing about it was that I have absolutly no idea why I dreamed it. Maybe It was something I read………

Daniel replies:

And what was the weird part?