Jill ""the Alita-chan""

March 7, 2001

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Hello Mr. Pinkwater. Thank you for preserving my sanity and giving me an excuse to a) create a Great Popsicle replica that even now hangs in my room and b) have an easy-to-understand Dada Manifesto to throw at the masses!! I wuv all of your books, especially all Snarkout Boys books, Alan Mendelsohn, and Borgel … and our truly gifted physics teacher is actually jiggy with your explanations of time, space, and the other. Be proud! Said teacher is ex CIA! So, obligatory gushing aside, I have a question which I must ask of you. And it’s good and weird ..

ok …

so here’s the question. do any of your books have a young boy working at or discovering a day-old pizza place? Because in the mists of time I swear I’ve read a godlike story that involved a day-old pizza store, and I can’t find it ever again, and it seemed like your kind of thing. This horrible not causes me great mental anguish. Was I hallucinating a Daniel Pinkwater book?


Jill “the Alita-chan”.

ps: Okay, more gushing. I did a genuine “Happy Dance” when I saw “4 Fantastic Novels” in the library and checked it out immediately. Once I scrape enough cash together I’m making it mine. Thank you again for existing, and for Dada.

Daniel replies:

Were you hallucinating a Daniel Pinkwater book? Why not? I do all the time. I don't recall any day-old pizza store story--but the notion is pretty good. If the actual author does not come forward within two weeks, I may choose to regard it as an idea I had, and forgot, and later remembered.