John Bridges

March 2, 2001

Post #1287 – 20010302

I first read Alan Mendelson over ten years ago when I was about 8 years old. By some stroke of luck I found it in the public library. Every few months I would beg the ladies who drove the Bookmobile around to my neighborhood to bring the book when they made the next round.

After reading it 3 or 4 times, i was horrifid the day that they told be someone had checked it out and LOST IT! From then on, whenever I hear Jingle Bells I think fondly of Alan and attempt a quick state-26 in the middle of a Christmas party.

Just a few days ago i was so overwhelmed by the urge to find and read Alan Mendelson: The Boy From Mars that I tracked down a used copy on-line and am now waiting for it to arrive by mail. I do not think i will draw an easy breath until it is safely in my hot little hands.

Thanks to Mr. Pinkwater for writing a book which changed (or at least greatly twisted) my life . . . and has caused me look for Green Death Chili on the menu of every cafe and diner I walk into.

Daniel replies:

And you do know that A. Mendelsohn is included in the 5 NOVELS anthology, do you not? Not the same as having it in the same form you remember from 3rd grade, but another way to lay hands on it.