Linda Frasier

March 1, 2001

Post #1283 – 20010301

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

About Dorkula – isn’t it going to come out in the nice hardcovers like the first two Werewolf Club books? All I see on Amazon is the paperback.

I bought an “uncorrected proof” of Fatcamp Commandos from Powell’s. Then the chicken in my head wondered how it was possible I was able to buy this and whether people like, say, the author get a royalty on such things. I had no idea I was getting something before it was published. I’ll buy a nice hardcover copy, anyway, and probably a dozen more for all my friends, but I’m still curious about these things.

I still don’t know how the story ends, because I’m letting my daughter read it to me. You make it possible for her to complete her reading homework. Anything else, she resents having to read herself. Just recently, her class did a poetry project. Among her picks was “The World Owes Me A Living Because I’m Short.” I have no idea what her teacher thought of it copied it out so carefully. I doubt she recognised it. I’m often disappointed at the great kid books teachers have never heard of.

Daniel replies:

I'm sure The Werewolf Club Meets Dorkula (WWC #3) will be out in paperback as well as hardcover. I find it's good for my health not to know exactly what publishers do. The uncorrected proof you found at Powell's must have been sold by some reviewer. It's rare. (I get review copies too, but I don't sell them--I give them to school libraries around here when I'm finished with them). I finish #4 The Werewolf Club meets the Hound of the Basketballs tomorrow.