Jonathan Cook

March 2, 2001

Post #1285 – 20010302

Dear Mr. Pinkwater (I would think I could call you Daniel, couldn’t I?),

I read Alan Mendehlson, the Boy from Mars when I was in 3rd grade, as part of my plan to read every good book in my grade school library. I am now 25 years old, so that must have been what, 200 years ago?

Along with Diane Duane’s “So You Want to Be A Wizard” books, I’d have to say that _Alan Mendehlson_ was the highlight of my endeavor to get through those shelves and shelves of books.

Today I own a library discard copy of it, and I’ve probably read it about a dozen times over the course of the years.

So this little email is to say thanks for helping an outcast with a bit of an odd sense of humor feel more at home (and attempt to trip fellow students telepathically!!!)

Meet you at the Bermuda Triangle for a cup of Fleegix,

Jonathan Cook

Daniel replies:

You're welcome! I had fun myself.