Ann Hillyer

February 13, 2001

Post #1274 – 20010213

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

My daughter read “Blue Moose” in her Junior Great Book anthology and was charged with defining words she didn’t know. Jacquette was one of two. The problem is that we cannot find jacquette anywhere — from “EatEthnic” to my many cookbooks, dictionarys, and anything else I could think of. The kind woman at “EatEthnic” checked her many reference books, finding nothing as well. She referred me to you. Is this your creation? If so, what do you envision it to be? I’d love some guidance. My daughter wants to bring a recipe to school and perhaps even to make some for the class.

We certainly would appreciate your help.

Thanks for writing such a fun story. My daughter enjoyed it tremendously.


Ann McGinnis Hillyer

Daniel replies:

Jacquette was a sweet little girl-moose, who was so nice, and so pretty that a dessert was named after her. It's an apple, wearing a little pastry jacquette.