Andrew Peberdy

February 4, 2001

Post #1272 – 20010204

Dear Daniel Pinkwater,

For the last few months I have been writing a book which I really hope to publish. Who does one get a book published? I really had a hard time finding it out. You don’t need to tell me the whole nine yards, or anything, but I thought as an writer you would know. Thank you.

Andrew L. Peberdy.

PS. The other day I was listening to Weekend Edition and I heard you and Scott Simon talking about crocodilian poetry. I have seen that show on T.V where the australian guy in short pants wrestles with alligators, and I think it’s high time somebody gave the ravenous reptiles some sympathy.

PPS. I read Borgel not to long ago, and I was reminded of Douglas Adams, Hitchhiker series. Have you read any of his books? It’s seems like you would that kind of humor.

Daniel replies:

First finish the book, then start another book. Getting things published is complicated and usually a lot of trouble. If you enjoy writing, and get to be good at it, then it may be worth doing. Of course I like Hitchiker's Guide and the others. I would wear long pants if I were going to wrestle alligators.