February 3, 2001

Post #1270 – 20010203

Dear Mr. Pinkwater:

I wrote you a while ago that I get oddly depressed (different from a normal, regular depression) if I went for a few months without reading one of your books, and I asked if I were to be more pitied than censured. You either didn’t answer, or I missed it…but…the answer was staring me in the face in the dark. If I buy one of your books every few months, I not only help the economy but give you a small amount of money which you can then spend, etc.

Do you think that’s the answer? I feel as though I’ve missed something somewhere in there.

Daniel replies:

Lori, you are a wonderful person. If everyone were like you, and bought a book of mine every few months, it _would_ help the economy, and I _would_ have money to spent, etc. Plus the people would get restful pleasure reading, and become thoughtful and discerning, and we would have truth, justice and the American way of life.