Yuvi Brozgold

December 1, 2000

Post #1236 – 20001201

I hear (well really saw on this site) that you have a new book coming out called The Agony And The Eggplant. I was curious to know a little more about it. Also, I heard (also from this site) you got a VW Beetle. Those are really nice cars and I plan on getting one my self (when I’m older, I’m only 11 now). One last thing; do you have any idea of what Lizard Music 2 will be about, or if it’s even gonna be called that (personally, I think it shouldn’t be called Lizard Music 2, the name doesn’t live up to the “goodness” of the other titles of your books)

Daniel replies:

The Agony and the Eggplant isn't by me...it's ABOUT me! (I don't know how I feel about this--except I told the guy who's writing it nothing but lies, so it will be fiction, in a way). The VW is pretty good. I'm enjoying it. I don't know what I will call the book.