Tom Clark

December 5, 2000

Post #1010 – 20001205

Mr. Pinkwater: You (as observed in Alan Mendelsohn) are absolutely correct that there is a gentle art to bugging teachers. I have practiced this art through two degrees, and am currently putting it to good use in a third. In fact, I derive as much pleasure from my bug-artistry as I do from revisiting your books every now and then. As I rapidly approach my 30th birthday, I am definitely glad your books are there to revisit. (Is there a way to snarkout of a birthday?)

I just read your interview in Fat?So! Don’t be so mean to doctors. I may be a jumped-up little whoozy-whatsits sometimes, but I took some pretty good humanities courses. Besides, we pediatricians (the ones who do talk to their patients without insulting them) may be exempted from a lot of anti-doctor rhetoric. I, too, was a mortified adolescent once. Last week.

Daniel replies:

I think you meant to say you're a jumped-up little whozee-whatzis.