Becky Ogden

November 28, 2000

Post #1231 – 20001128

After reading the adoring letters to you, I hesitate to lavish too much priase – by the way did you purchase a VW Beetle after your K-Mart parking lot research? As an old retired but still educating music teacher, Doodle Flute is a favorite book of mine. It must become a children’s opera! (performed by children for children) What do you think? I have access to a composer here in Columbus who has written and published some really nice children’s musicals and also work closely with our jazz community which boasts some fine composers. (Columbus, Ohio) What do you think? Actually, there could be a “ring” of children’s operas with the wealth of material you provide. There’s a lot of bad stuff being published – we could do better.

Becky Ogden

Columbus Music Hall

Daniel replies:

Anything is possible. And yes, I bought the beetle. Nice little car.