Lee Doron

November 28, 2000

Post #1230 – 20001128

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

Several years ago, maybe eight or so, you did a commentary for ATC in which you described finding an eatery in your region which featured, to your surprise and delight, authentic Chicago hot dogs. As a food lover myself, I still remember vividly your description of the juices spilling over your lips and chin as you bit into it, and the reverence with which you recalled the experience. Much as I’ve enjoyed your varied appearances on public radio, that one has to be my favorite.

And yet, it has left me somewhat unfulfilled. You see, as an alumnus of a nearby university, I have found myself driving through your neck of the woods a couple of times since that broadcast, and each time I wished I knew where I could find those hot dogs, as you were somewhat vague on that matter. Now, I finally have the opportunity to ask you: Mr. P, is that eatery still in existence, lo these many years later? And, if so, how may I find it?

Gratefully yours,

Lee Doron

Daniel replies:

It is gone, the eatery. The proprietor has ascended to heaven, (possibly through sampling his own product, which, while delicious, was hard on the vascular system). Sic transit gloria wienie. You'll have to go to Chicago for your hot lipids and gristle.