November 27, 2000

Post #1228 – 20001127

Why sir, is The Snarkout Boys and the Avocado of Death out of print? I shared my copy with some ungrateful mid-sized child, whom I was trying to broaden intellectually, and the the little snot failed to give it back. Hence, in my search for a replacement, I am told that “it is no longer in print by itself, now go away I am busy.” Nothing against your multi-story publishings but I rather liked the artwork on the original copy. That’s all….Thanks.

Dear Sir, I just now e-mailed you about the Avacodo’s and I realized that a) I didn’t tell you who I was and b) where I was. Chalk it up to sleepiness (I work nights) Sorry. I am (last time I checked) Jen Seberson and I reside in Hubbard, OR. Thanks for being who you are….I read many of your books at a young age and frankly, I (and my father) dream of one day owning a Snark Theatre. Or perhaps some small place that only shows B-movies. Since this opportunity has not presented itself, yet, I pass the time pretending to be a postal worker. I listen to you every Sunday night on NPR during my very long commute and I would miss you terribly if you decided to change careers. That is all….Again.

Daniel replies:

Obviously, it's not out of print if it's included in ""5 Novels."" Maybe we can post the original cover art here, and you and download it, and stick it to your copy of the 5-in-1 reprint.


(Re: Follow-up:) Which means you'd miss me if your local public radio station decided to drop Chinwag Theater, which sort of thing radio stations do all the time. It's up to you, and other listeners who enjoy the program, to make sure the station knows you appreciate it.