Wellyn Blakeslee

November 26, 2000

Post #1227 – 20001126

Dear Mr. Pinkwater:

As I’ve listened to you and Scott Simon on NPR portray new gems in the children’s bookscape, I’ve noticed that you pay special attention to the illustrations and explain how they help to convey the plot and characters. So may I ask you for an expert opinion on the drawings displayed on my website ~ www.wellynworld.com ~ especially as to how well such styles and subjects may be applied to children’s literature? I would very much like to do drawings for this genre, but have done little so far. Of course anyone else who reads this message is also welcome to visit the site and weigh in.

Thank You…


Daniel replies:

I don't feel qualified to comment on whether another's work has potential--and really, you don't need anyone to do that. You know whether your stuff is appropriate for illustration, (if you've looked at lots of kids' books, that is). Good luck.