Scott Matheson

November 25, 2000

Post #1220 – 20001125


I’m a long-time fan. I have recently left Alaska to attend library school (no kidding– I have been called lulu, but only in reference to my mental state) and would love to be able to read along with DP and Scott Simon when they do the great book reviews on WeSat. Is there a way that the book to be shared on the air could be announced in advance? Then we could see the pictures. “Small Brown Dog…” this morning was particularly wonderful.

Daniel replies:

In the interest of fairness, and to sustain the fiction that non-commercial radio isn't commercial, titles of books to be reviewed are kept in a mason jar, sealed with wax, until the day of the broadcast. Actually, we usually don't know what book we're going to do until the day before. Small Brown Dog's Bad Remembering Day does have very good pictures.