Ed Wilk

November 25, 2000

Post #1215 – 20001125

Dear Daniel,

Several years back I heard you on NPR tell of the marvels of your ratatouille soup, and the wondrous tool it was in helping you loose weight (Should I assume the 400 pounds so proudly described on this site is the post-diet You?). Please point me to the recipe. This is the time of year for soups, and I could certainly stand to shed a few pounds myself.

I just found this site this morning, after catching the reference on Weekend Edition. I enjoy your work immensely and look forward to savoring the goodies to be found here. Thanks for so much!

Daniel replies:

Soup? More of a melange or stew or macedoine. Anyway the recipe is somewhere around here. And I never diet, never dieted--I did take off some weight before surgery, but diet? No. That word is....weighted.