Steven Zaitz

November 25, 2000

Post #1214 – 20001125

Simply arriving at your site after finding out of it this am brings joy to eye and heart. Glad to see you and think of you in your Hudson Valley shangrila. I imagine you have a farmlike spread and maybe even red barns and hay and all. You may even make your own dirt by composting as does a great friend over in clinton corners…

Catskill and Adirondack type that I am, my flavor for place is strong and I like listening to you and the signoff tag of where your eminence eminates from. My lovely wife Jane hasn’t even said a word to me after arriving back with the morning’s bagels (both sons are home for holiday), as if she knows that what I might be doing in here (we recently got hooked to this amazing knowledge source called internet) is almost solemn. Ah there she is, “Bagels have arrived”. So add your site to favorites and the NPR site linked, thank you. You’ll hear more from me and Jane too as she is a children’s literature specialist and a great elementary teacher and …

more later and I thank you so far for smiles and the chance to write a note and send it without even having to find an envelope and stamp. Warm regards, be safe and well and keep up the doing of good work. Steven Zaitz, Wilmington,NC

Daniel replies:

Thanks for checking in. Yep, farmlike Specially lovely this time of year, as we look forward to frozen horse-poops and the wind whistling through the trees.