Oliver Crichton

November 25, 2000

Post #1212 – 20001125

Dear Mr. Pinkwater.

I have been a fan for years and have turned on countless friends to your sublime wordplay, humor, and musical and culinary taste. So my question is: why are so many of your fine titles out of print? I can’t even find all of them through interlibrary loan (guess I’ll try again). Have you considered buying the copyrights and publishing some yourself so they would be available? I’m thinking especially of impossible-to-find ones like “Wingman”, “Devil in the Drain” and “Wizard Crystal”. I also hope for a re-issue of the more recently out of print “Muffin Fiend”. Or might they reemerge in another collection??

Thank you for reprinting some classics in 4 and 5 Novels.

Daniel replies:

Because very often people who make decisions in publishing houses are more boorish and ignorant than the general public. I thought Wingman was available in paperback.