Judith and Robert Kahn

November 25, 2000

Post #1211 – 20001125

Dear Daniel Pinkwater,

We tried to reach you some time ago by snail mail. Now, being electronically updated, we send e-mqil greetings. We are longtime fans and Pinkwater devotees. We are also fellow Chicagoans, Nettlehorst and Anshe Emet alumni. During our two year tenure in Nairobi a year after you were there we had our own hot chili experience. As an artist I over enthusiastically garnished our Nile Perch with green chilis. This penetrated the fish so pervasively that our four sons declared it inedible.

The extended Kahn family reads and loves your work and especially love your safari in The Worms of Kukumlima.

Kwa Heri, Ya kuonana

Judith & Robert Kahn

Daniel replies:

I passed through Nettlehorst, and especially through Anehe Emet (day camp) practically untouched and uncivilized. My esteemed colleague, Scott Simon, however, remembers the Anshe Emet song, and will sing it at the drop of a yarmulke.