Benjamin Rose, The Mad Li

October 7, 2000

Post #1194 – 20001007

Dear Sir:

As of Friday I leave Alaska and move onward and Downward and then a bit sideways to the heat of Texas. I will be working with young adults in Houston. I am also once again writing. You have inspired me much in my life and I wish to give you a token of my appreciation. In one month I have turned on 76 children and 52 adults to books written by you and/or the Mrs and/or both. Of these people all but two have returned and thanked me heartily. They have all desired to read more of your tomes and at one point all but 2 were off the shelves. I felt you would like to know this.

Yours sincerely,

The Mad Librarian

Daniel replies:

Go forth, Mad Librarian, and continue your important work! There are other librarians somewhat like you--but you are the apotheosis of librarian-madness. We salute you!