Don Atkinson

October 5, 2000

Post #1192 – 20001005

Dear DP:

Love hearing you on NPR reviewing children’s books. I find myself going to Bookstores and Libraries checking out the books you recommend – and I have no children or other youngsters to buy those books for. My area of the country – the Eastern Shore of Maryland – does not receive your radio program. A sign, I believe, of our “hickness”. We do get the Car Guys and I’ve heard your discussions with them.

Now that I’ve buttered you up, the real purpose of this missive is to ask you about your theme, “The Day I Read A Book “, sung by Jimmy Durante. I’ve consulted some online lyric services but I cannot find it. Do you know where I can find that record or the sheet music? I’m in amateur theatre and would love to use the song as an audition piece – when you cannot really sing you have to hit them with comedy.

P.S. To add to your vast storehouse of wisdom, my favorite children’s book Was “Wind in the Willows”. After childhood, I discovered Roald Dahl and I love “The Enormous Crocodile”, which I have read to several elementary school classes do different voices for each animal.

Daniel replies:

When I suggested the Jimmy Durante song, ""The Day I Read a Book,"" to the producers of Weekend Edition Saturday a few years back, they found it with no trouble. I believe it's on a CD. You could write to them: