Joan Gordon

October 7, 2000

Post #1193 – 20001007

Dear DP,

Struggling my WeightWatchers way to sylphdom a half-pound-a-week I suddenly remembered your eminently though obviously temporary success with a diet exclusively of ratatouille. Why did it go sour or rancid, as the case may be?

Daniel replies:

It didn't. My goal was to lose a bunch of weight before surgery, which I did. I didn't have any intention of becoming a sylph because I don't think it can be done. Last time I checked, the studies still recognized that virtually no one has lost 25 pounds or more, and kept it off for two years. Moreover, it was not a ""diet exclusively of ratatouille."" To do such a thing would suggest that I understood nothing. Sorry if I'm bringing you down. Read ""The Afterlife Diet,"" (