Cathy and Stuart Gill

September 11, 2000

Post #1178 – 20000911

My husband & I (ages 65 & 50, respectively) have just had the pleasure of discovering the Pinkwater books. Imagine our delight that there are so many of them!! Whenever we go anywhere, Stuart drives and I read aloud (I have a 75-mile round trip to work during the week, so he does the driving all other times). We have laughed like idiots, leading to even more rumors about our mental health than already exist. As devoted Sherlockians, we are even MORE excited to encounter Sigerson & Sacker, and are looking forward to reading the Complete Snarkout Works. Thank you, Mr. P., for adding such joy to a sometimes-sorry world. If everybody read Pinkwater, and absorbed the lessons therein (the Virtues of Silliness), it would be a better world. We love you.

Daniel replies:

I am gratified, of course, but, ""Virtues of Silliness?"" You think my work is silly? You don't see it as deep and sensitive, examining important questions of the human spirit? Ah, me.