Bill Boerman-Cornell

September 12, 2000

Post #1179 – 20000912

Honored Captain Doctor Pinkwater, Sir,

Well, to tell you the truth, and to answer your question, you are the first famous and substantial person who rules the world that I am contacting. If you recall, I am the English teacher who is trying to decorate my classroom with letters and emails from non-plastic real people who live their lives differently from the herd. I have letters underway, however, to Henry Kissenger, Kofi Anon, John Bekker (hydraulics R and D pioneer and self-proclaimed “heavy boy”), Michael Moore, and Butch (owner of Butch’s Beach Burritos in Grand Haven, Michigan).

To recap, then, what I am requesting (humbly) is a book recommendation or two for my high school students, from a great and powerful author (that would be you).

Thank you, kind sir.

Bill Boerman-Cornell

Teacher, bicyclist, and Choco-taco aficionado

Daniel replies:

Henry Kissinger? I'm not speaking to Henry. Still peeved about that bombing Cambodia thing. I know, I know, it's wrong to hold a grudge. I don't find lists all that attractive anyway.