Terry Gulliver

September 2, 2000

Post #1172 – 20000902

I wonder if you can help me on two books on which I heard portions of reviews by Daniel P and Scott Simon.

1) I heard mention of a previous review (in correspondence) of a book on New Zealand history today, Sat 9/2, on Weekend Edition.

2) Maybe two years ago I caught a bit of a discussion between DP and Scott S of an international childrens’ anthology.

If it helps, I did dash over to Amazon and order DP’s new Four Novels on hearing it was out…

Daniel replies:

I know the New Zealand book you mean, but can't think of the title. As to the anthology--I'm drawing a blank. You can inquire of the program. I think it's wesat@npr.org. Hope this helps, and thanks for ordering 4 Fantastic Novels!