Sandy Shepherd

September 1, 2000

Post #1171 – 20000901

Daniel – I am a public school librarian who loves Wuggie Norple. I have moved to different libraries and keep trying to get a copy of this book and always find that it is out of print. Any indication that someone would reprint this great story?? Do you have any extra copies lying around?? Young kids just love the lunacy in this story – as do I . I have recently acquired a St. Bernard puppy who like Wuggie Norple grows when you aren’t looking! Help!! Sandy Shepherd

Daniel replies:

One has to pick one's fights. Getting publishers to see the point can be a very lengthy affair, with much repetition, and giving them little liver-treats. I have been successful in getting various companies to bring out paperback anthologies of some novels, (5 NOVELS, and 4 FANTASTIC NOVELS), Simon and Schuster has brought out a new edition of THE HOBOKEN CHICKEN EMERGENCY, with illustrations by Jill, there is going to be an updated SUPERPUPPY, after 24 continuous years in print...and there are a couple of other things under discussion. So, really, it's lots better than it has been. I'd love to see WUGGIE NORPLE come back, and I can't imagine that Tomie DePaola would have any objection. If you got fifteen or twenty of your librarian colleagues to send letters to Simon and Schuster saying you all want WUGGIE NORPLE, you might get them to republish it.