May 18, 2000

Post #1124 – 20000518

dear,uncole daniel

i have some of your books.i like them a lot.what is your next book?Ilike to dance.Can you tell me about Lulu and tell me how she looks.I am 8 years old my is brother is 13 years old and turning 14 years old.I really want to vist you because i want to see what your house.How do you get on the radio.Once i heard you on the radio talking on the radio about your books.once i saw you on the newspapper.Ifyouwant to call us are ponenumber is 35***** and our thing on our house is 12656.We have 3 computers at our house. How many computers do have?

Daniel replies:

There are some books coming out about werewolves who are in the 4th grade. So far, The Magic Pretzel, and the Lunchroom of Doom are done. Coming next is The Werewolf Club meets Dorkula. Published by Simon and Schuster in paperback and hardcover. Get the paperback. Lulu is sooo beautiful. I should send Evan a picture of Lulu, so he can post it here.