Rachel Springer

April 19, 2000

Post #1096 – 20000419

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

Wow, having not known this option (writing to you) existed until past 11:40 PM this evening, I hadn’t planned out a great e-mail. Oh well. I do have a question for you which I hope you can answer. I am looking for a copy or two (or more??) of Three Big Hogs, my favorite children’s book ever. I’m painfully aware that it’s out of print. My sister inherited a copy from my grandmother, who was a teacher’s aide and got it at a library sale some time back. However, seeing as my sister’s getting married and moving overseas in two weeks, my only contact to this book will be taken away indefinitely. Having exhausted Alibris.com, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, ABE, and a few other book search options I saw listed on one of these pages, what do you suggest?

I have formulated a good part of my philosophy of life on this book. Having had a few unexpected and alarming situations of my own (including a recent but fortunately mostly benign brain tumor), I understand that developing into a tough forest hog can be quite helpful. I want to spread the word.

By the way, until I started looking for this book, I had no idea there were so many others by you also. I will be sure to check them out, especially while I’m suffering withdrawal from the copy of Three Big Hogs I hold so dear.

A long-time fan,

Rachel Springer

P.S. I keep checking this e-mail for proper syntax and diction but I don’t think it will get any better at the current time of 12:59 AM. Thanks for your time. . . Send. . .

Daniel replies:

Ever hear of color Xerox? You can have fun making your very own book--and if you feel guilty about me not getting a royalty, you might buy something of mine that's in print. Try 2ND GRADE APE from Scholastic.