Scott Hilton

March 24, 2000

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Some 15+ years ago my schoolboy buddy & I “interviewed” you for our Jr. High School newspaper. The interview consisted of us sending you a list of questions and you sending back an audio tape on which you re-read the questions and answered them in such a fanciful way that only you could have done.

We were so proud of our piece that month and more importantly, so thankful to you for being such an accessible “star”. The background “noise” on that tape included a mooing cow and as I sit here at my desk in San Francisco (3000 miles from my childhood home) I often think about you & your staying power BUT I am overly concerned about the cows … how the heck are they ??? Have the years been kind to them ???

No need to send another audio tape to answer the question, a posted message will suffice.

Best wishes.

Your fan through the years,

Scott Hilton

Berkeley, CA

Daniel replies:

Why do people say, ""staying power?"" Staying is sort of a passive thing. ""Going power,"" I would understand more readily. I've stayed in one spot for the past 20 years, mostly because I lacked the motivation or energy to go somewhere else.

Now, about the cows. It's true one used to be able to hear cows lowing from the windows of this house, but they were a long way off, and conditions had to be just right. I doubt the microphone would have picked it up. Are you sure it wasn't horses whinnying? Or my stomach rumbling? Or a half-witted small white adolescent with his hat on backwards in a cheap car with an enormous stereo rolling past playing rap music? It can hardly have been cows.