Steve Fink

March 23, 2000

Post #1073 – 20000323

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

My name is Steve Fink and I am a 19 year-old college student at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie New York. I am writing to you because about 14 years ago my twin brother Dan wrote to you asking you to come to dinner in Maine after he read that you had always wanted to live in Maine. You politely declined due to the fact that at the time he had the chicken pox. He wrote to you about 5 years later, and once again you responded with a charming postcard ( I believe done by your wife) of yourself (many times).

Well, I have now learned you are living on the Hudson River Valley, and on my brother’s behalf I would once again to like to extend an invitation for dinner, either in Maine or in New York. The offer is serious, and it is totally up to you. I hope all is well in your life and thank you for your time.


Steve Fink

Daniel replies:

Thanks for your kind invitation to dine. I don't see how I can accept it without giving offense to your twin, whose similar offer I rejected 14 years ago. However, there may be a way to save face: The local chapter of Mensa has plans to give my wife and me pizza in early May. (I am not a member, but I believe they wish to discuss my proposal to create an organization to be known as Mensa Lite for intellectuals with a less than stellar numeric rating). It may be, given the informal nature of the event, (no reciting of the Mensa oath, chanting or secret hand-signals), that the Mensans would not object to the presence of a small number, (my disciple, Shaenon Garrity, President of the Non-Human Students Organization, and one or two others might wish to attend), of nice students, who would pay for their own pizza and behave in a manner to bring credit upon their college. I've put you and Bibi (the Mensa contact) in touch via an email, if you'd care to take it up with one another. My apologies to non-local posters for taking up space with this social matter.