Suzanne Whitney Smith

March 14, 2000

Post #1063 – 20000314

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

BEAR’S PICTURE is my all time favorite book. I teach pre school and use the book regularly in the classroom, at parent meetings and at workshops that I give for teachers and non-artist adults. The book is an absolute classic. The problem is it is out of print. I can only get it from an out of town library system, the copy is old and on its last legs and I fear this source may soon disappear. I have tried to buy it through out of print books ( and they have a copy for $99.00 way beyond the means of a preschool teacher. Is there anyway you could get the book reissued/published? It is an absolute classic in understanding creativity and is perfect for adults and children alike. I would happily buy a dozen copies at a regular price to give as gifts but I cannot buy 1 copy for myself at $99.00. I am sure the book would be a great success if reissued.

Daniel replies:

You have my permission to pester publishers to reprint BEAR'S PICTURE. It's been published twice at least, first by Holt Rinehart and Winston, and another time by Dutton. There are copies around, from $99.00 on down--but you have to be lucky to find one. Of course, I can't advise you to color Xerox the copy that's available to you--but no one is stopping you.