March 11, 2000

Post #1061 – 20000311

1. How exactly do you write your stories? Do you make them up as you go, or plan them out, or what?

2. Are there any different planes of existence aside from Waka-waka, Atlantis, Shabomm, Lemuria, and Mu?

3. How does one come up with cool (fake) words?

Please send reply as soon as possible.

Daniel replies:

1. I plan them, and then make them up as I go along. I do not have the facilities here to write them the way I would like to--but, ideally, I would have a high ladder, (maybe 15 feet), in a large room, and I would climb to the top to think, and then come down and write. If I were rich, I would dictate notes to secretaries, who would write them out on pieces of poster board with brushes or thick markers, and spread them on the floor below my ladder.

2. Yes. There are 15.

3. I only use real words, and in the rare instances when I make them up, the are real once I write them.