Neal Olga Skorapa

February 20, 2000

Post #1042 – 20000220

Daniel Pinkwater,

I am six years old and listen to your show on Sunday night. When I was listening to the Lizard Music chapter this week, you told about the scary movie, The Invasion of the Pod people. When I hear scary stories at night, I have nightmares. This was just that sort of story. Please, please, please don’t tell scary stories on your show at night. Or if you do, warn me first, please. I don’t like to have nightmares and I would hate to quit listening to your show.

Daniel replies:

Did you actually have a nightmare, or were you just afraid you might have one? I don't like scary stories at night either. Charity Nebbe and I record Chinwag Theater, usually around two o'clock in the afternoon--but we have no control over when stations put it on the air. However, I can tell you that there are very few scary stories planned. I don't think of Lizard Music as scary, so much as exciting. I hope you will agree after you've heard more. I hope I don't spoil it for others, but I will tell you this now: Nothing really bad happens to anyone in the book. I hope this will help.