Tim Scullin

February 17, 2000

Post #1041 – 20000217

So how did the eggplant diet go? I see from your photos that you are still robust and probably HAPPY. The new fad is the High Protein Diet. No carbs just New York Strip and Liver. I listen to NPR on my way home from my job as an environmental analyst in Mosinee, Wisconsin and I have often have had to pull over to the side of the road when you are on…not to get sick but to roar in laughter.

You are that Jean Shepherd Guy Reincarnated.

Tim Scullin

Mosinee, Wisconsin

Daniel replies:

First, it wasn't just eggplant. Second, it wasn't a diet. That was just a matter of dropping a few (dozens of) pounds to faciliate anticipated surgery. It worked fine. It was my own idea--the surgeon, (a good one), said he'd worked on people lots bigger than me, and it was not a big deal. Jean Shepherd, who just died last year, came from my part of the country, and was definitely an influence on me, so the comparison honors me.