February 16, 2000

Post #1039 – 20000216

Dearest Daniel,

I recently came across your book Ducks! at a used bookstore and have enjoyed it immensely. I decided to do some research about you and luckily found your website. I would love to listen to Chinwag Theater but you don’t seem to have any listings for Canadian radio stations, are we deprived of your art? Oh, please say it isn’t so.

Daniel replies:

I see no reason why Canadians should be deprived. The program is distributed by satellite, and it is free and without charge to non-commercial, non-profit type radio stations. For the moment, it's being distributed by WOI-FM in Iowa, but we are moving to Michigan Radio in a few weeks. Please have the present of CBC or the Minister of Culture get in touch with me here, and I will make all the arrangements. (In the near future some stations will doubtless begin streaming the program, and no doubt times and URLs will be listed right here--so that will solve the problem for many).