Natasha Shapiro

February 12, 2000

Post #1037 – 20000212

I have read every single book of yours that I could get my hands on! I have re-read Alan Mendelson every year since 6th grade (1984). That means I have read it about 16 times. Recently on a road trip to Las Vegas, I read Lizard Music aloud to my Vegas co-horts, and they were amazed! How could they have been so ignorant to overlook the coolest author on the planet?! (They don’t eat pre-packaged food anymore).

You’ve been such an inspiration to my creativity along the years, and I appreciate Matt Groening’s good taste as he is also a fan of yours. Someday soon when I have children, they will have the benefit of having your books read aloud to them every night.

Soooooooooooo many Thanx,



Daniel replies:

Thanks so much for your kind words. Natasha Shapiro! What a euphonious appelation! Natasha Shapiro. Natasha Shapiro. It's like a mantram. As I repeat it, I feel a lightness lift me. Natasha Shapiro. Natasha Shapiro. How beautiful. You must be an enlightened being just from saying your own name.