Cliff and Barb

February 11, 2000

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My name is Cliff, me and my wife are about to open a hot dog cafe and I read your Chicago dog story which sounds to me you really know what a Chicago dogs supposed to be.

I would like to know exactly how their put together and were you find that relish, we would appreciate your input on this subject. Please E-mail us.

Thank You

Cliff and Barb

Daniel replies:

The Vienna Sausage Company of Chicago, (located on Damen Avenue, I believe), offers various literature about their products, and also tips and instructions for operating a hot-dog stand or restaurant. I had in my possession a fair amount of this material, used as research for my novel, The Afterlife Diet ( ). The impression I got was that a reasonably intelligent person with no food service experience could put together and run a hot dog establishment just with the information they give out.

Nowithstanding, I did not eat so very many hot dogs when I lived in Chicago, and during the time there was an authentic Chicago hot dog establishment in my present neighborhood, I usually had them minus the main ingredient. It's quite possible I will never eat another hot dog in my life--readers may draw their own conclusions.