Ms. Seubert

January 18, 2000

Post #1027 – 20000118

Mr. Pinkwater,

Hello from PS 149 in Queens, NY. The children in Class 2-321 have read a few of your books and we are very interested in what gave you the ideas for them. We will continue to read and would like to mail you some responses to your books.

Thanks for reading,

Ms. Seubert of Class 2-321

Daniel replies:

Ms. Seubert and the mighty readers of class 2-321 -- I am proud that my books are being enjoyed in the great borough of Queens. Ideas are everywhere--like germs. The thing is whether and how one can develop them. Most ideas are lousy when you first stumble on them, but with care and nourishment, and lots of fresh air, they can become bigger and better.